Wednesday, March 26, 2008

‘D’ Is For ‘Dummy’

‘D’ Is For ‘Dummy’
Comprehending and truly knowing a subject requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and hard work. This rule-of-thumb is common knowledge to most anyone seeking a higher education.
Chris Piper brings up a very interesting point in his essay “‘A’ Is For ‘Absent.’”
He states that, “If a student can earn good grades on required work without attending class, then instructors should grade that student accordingly.” In such a case should I worry whether my mother’s neural surgeon attended class each day? Is there reason to be concerned when my dentist casually informs me that he skipped the class where his professor taught the proper way to drill a tooth?
Any respectable professor does not enforce an attendance policy to “stroke their own egos.” Rather, professors encourage you to attend class because they have read all the books, and studied for countless hours and they earnestly want to share loads of knowledge with their “eager masses.” This kind of instruction can’t be found in any book or well written essay.
Chris Piper’s argument may sound reasonable at a glace however, finding an excuse to miss class is pure laziness, and laziness can only breed more laziness and uneducated idiots.

Chris Piper “’A’ Is For ‘Absent’”
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